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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Accidentally signed up for medicare part b

Instructions and Help about Accidentally signed up for medicare part b

I'm gonna talk about signing up for Medicare where to do it how to do it when to do it pretty important stuff so stay tuned okay so now it's time to sign up for Medicare and some people find that exciting some people find it devastating some people don't care that much you just want to make sure they get everything in order the way it's supposed to be so I'm gonna walk you right through this so you know where to go when to go how to go and make sure you get everything done correctly so there are a couple different ways you might be coming into Medicare maybe you're turning 65 and you're ready to start Medicare or maybe you're still working your past 65 but you're still in your group insurance but you're gonna retire and now it's time to come into Medicare and they both work pretty much the same way so I'm going to show you exactly what you need if you do work past 65 there's a couple of additional things you need to do and I'll show you that as well or the other one is maybe you're under 65 and on disability and now you're going to become eligible for Medicare and I don't do medicare disability but I do want to help and I have a video on Medicare disability that I think will point you in the right direction so just visit my youtube channel search for disability we'll bring that video up and hopefully you'll find that helpful so in the traditional sense the turn in 65 hours and the retirees that are going to be going into Medicare this is what we need to do so obviously to sign up for Medicare the first thing we would do is go to medicare.gov so we can sign up for Medicare and unfortunately that's not where we sign up for Medicare so that's the first mistake and it's a big one and obviously why would you think you'd go to Medicare to sign up for Medicare but that is not where we sign up for Medicare we have to go to Social Security to sign up for Medicare and when we're talking Medicare we're talking Medicare Part A Medicare Part B now Part A pretty much comes automatically so when you turn 65 working or not working doesn't really matter part a is gonna start on the first of the month of your 65th birthday there's no cost to it and it kind of does that automatically Part B is the one that we to initiate so we actually have to do something and unless you're already drawing social security so if you're drawing so scared if you decided to take social security at 62 or 63 and now you're turning 65 Part B will also automatically start on the first day of the month of your 65th birthday unless you tell them not to so but.


Can you cancel Medicare Part B after enrolling?
You can voluntarily terminate your Medicare Part B (medical insurance). However, since this is a serious decision, you may need to have a personal interview. A Social Security representative will help you complete Form CMS 1763.
Can you stop and restart Medicare Part B?
But to avoid a permanent Part B late-enrollment penalty, when you leave, lose or retire from your new job, you must then reenroll in Medicare Part B while you're still on the job or during a special enrollment period that lasts for eight months after your job-based private health insurance stops. At a small business.
Does Medicare automatically enroll you in Part B?
Medicare will enroll you in Part B automatically. Your Medicare card will be mailed to you about 3 months before your 65th birthday. If you're not getting disability benefits and Medicare when you turn 65, you'll need to call or visit your local Social Security office, or call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213.
Can I cancel Medicare Part B after applying?
You can voluntarily terminate your Medicare Part B (medical insurance). However, since this is a serious decision, you may need to have a personal interview. A Social Security representative will help you complete Form CMS 1763.
Why was I automatically enrolled in Medicare Part B?
You automatically get Part A and Part B after you get disability benefits from Social Security or certain disability benefits from the RRB for 24 months. If you're automatically enrolled, you'll get your Medicare card in the mail 3 months before your 65th birthday or your 25th month of disability.
Can I change my mind about Medicare Part B?
If you disenroll from Part B, you may re-enroll later if you change your mind, although you may be subject to late-enrollment penalties if you don't have other appropriate coverage in place.
What if I accidentally signed up for Medicare Part B?
Medicare offers an Initial Enrollment Period around your 65th birthday. If you miss that window, you will be subject to a late enrollment surcharge equal to 10 percent of the standard Part B premium for each 12 months of delay 14 a penalty that continues forever.
How do I cancel my Medicare Part B?
Voluntary Termination of Medicare Part B You must submit Form CMS-1763 (PDF, Download Form Cms 1763 Reader) to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Visit or call the SSA (1-800-772-1213) to get this form. You'll need to have a personal interview with Social Security before you can terminate your Medicare Part B coverage.
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