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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can i get out of medicare part a

Instructions and Help about Can i get out of medicare part a

A quick video the top 3 mistakes people make when signing up for Medicare you want to see this because you don't want to be one of them stay tuned ok top 3 mistakes that people make when they're signing up for Medicare and no particular order I'm going to just give you my experience on what I deal with kind of on a daily basis with folks signing up for Medicare and some of the mistakes that they make so number one is not fully understanding the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage so you have Original Medicare which is Medicare a Medicare B and you'd likely get a Medicare supplement to go along with it or a Medigap plan those are the same things Medigap plan Medicare supplement same thing and A Part D drug plan so that's all with Original Medicare the other choice is Medicare Advantage company where you kind of leave Original Medicare and become the property of a private insurance company so in their Medicare Advantage plan we have to use a network of hospitals a network of doctors there are some advantages to different pieces on either side and you know I don't know why they named it Medicare Advantage because it is definitely not always an advantage but sometimes it's a good idea so but it may work for you but you need to understand the difference between the two and I certainly have videos on both where I explain Original Medicare I explain Medicare Advantage so make sure you take a look at that number two missing the timeline for signing up for Medicare Part B that's a big big deal there's a very specific timeline that you need to sign up whether you're turning 65 or whether you're continuing to work past 65 and you're going to stay on your group insurance different kind of timelines but people turning 65 have a 7 month window 3 months before their 65th birthday the month of and 3 months after that you need to sign up for your Medicare Part B you really want to do it in the 3 months before your 65th birthday and then it's gonna start on the 1st of the month of your 65th birthday now if you continue to work and stay on your group plan it's going to start when you retire you want it to start when your group coverage is gonna end but you need to do it well ahead of time to put it in place so it's ready to go when you're ready for it to start last one and I was gonna say not using me to help you with your Medicare coverage and obviously that's what I do I'm when insurance broker and I help people across the country with their Medicare choices and my goal is to just make sure that we do whatever is right for you so I can choose from any of the.

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